On the Cards
Now in it’s second year, the aim of this greeting card design competition is to raise awareness within the student population of the vibrancy of the greeting card industry and to encourage the most talented and innovative designers into choosing greeting cards as a potential career path. We had an incredibly successful first year with a very positive reaction and four winners with their designs now in production and stocked in Paperchase. What’s really unique about this competition is that it provides an opportunity to learn about the process from design, through production, and finally to retail. The finalists will see how their project develops through the different stages from us, the publisher, (the start of the idea, from brief to concept to artwork to sales of product), the paper merchant, G. F Smith (key to the specification and consideration of the final product), through to the printer, Sherwood Press (responsible for the production and finishing) and finally to our partner retailer, Paperchase.

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